Your Impact

A lifesaving bunch  

The daffodil is an internationally recognised symbol of hope.    

By purchasing your fresh-cut bunch of daffodils, the hope you give for the 150,000 Australians diagnosed with cancer each year, means so much.  

But you are also helping to fund world-class research to find the next breakthroughs in detection, treatment, and prevention for all cancers. 

By selecting a standard, deluxe, or premium sized bunch of daffodils, you’re supporting the largest non-government funder of cancer research in Australia.  

Your daffodil purchase can help fund projects such as Dr Ajithkumar Vasanthakumar’s studies into immunosuppressive cells and Associate Professor Alexander Swarbrick’s research into immunotherapy strategies for metastatic breast cancer. Investment in research by organisations like Cancer Council has helped increase cancer survival rates in Australia to 69% today.   

We know that research works, we know it is already helping to save lives every day. While we have come such a long way, we still have so much more to do to ensure families like Lou’s are spared the heartbreak of losing a loved one.

Lou did everything she could to find a treatment that would work, but the aggressive form of breast cancer she had would not respond to any and she died in her husband Dom’s arms. Dom has shared her story in the hopes that one day a successful treatment can be found.

For all that cancer takers, give a bunch this Daffodil Day. 

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